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    The primary goal of the workshop is to explain to participants the behaviour of the objects/shapes contained within the BPMN specification v2.x and how those objects can be used to describe business process behaviour in an EA/Process Management tool like QualiWare.  It is to also give participants a ‘taste’ of what a process analyst/modeler may go through when diagramming a business process.

    Typically, we will spend the first two days covering BPMN and the last full day actually doing modelling with the instructor in the room. While modelling client processes is the primary focus for Day 3 other topics may be discussed based on student experience. Topics may include developing an organizational common look & feel in producing process models, and process modeling standards/best practices, etc.

    Please note that this workshop is not intended to teach all aspects of QualiWare software usage – that is done in our 2-day QLM-QEA Basic course. For this workshop, the attendee should already have some experience with QualiWare or similar modelling tools.

    Topics Covered:

    • Why we need to document our Business Processes?
    • Why use BPMN?
    • Explanation of the Graphical Objects in BPMN v2.0
    • Business Process Work Flow Patterns (using BPMN Objects)
    • Sample process models and analysis of those models
    • Discussion of how BPMN is implemented in QualiWare and integrated with other types of QLM models
    • Brief introduction to process Frameworks, such as IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and APQC'S Process Classification Framework (PCF)
    • Exercises designed to reinforce BPMN modelling theory learned

     Additional/optional topics:

    • Relevance of Treasury Board's Primer on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and BPMN
    • Linkages to Business Process Redesign (BPR) Methodology developed at Service Canada
    • Introduction to process simulation (briefly discussed and used when teaching the 21 Basic Work Flow Patters) 

    Who Should Attend

    Professionals and managers of all types involved with planning and designing organizational change and building business capability to adapt and innovate continuously.

    Business Operations Managers, Business Architects, Business Process Architects, Enterprise Architects, Process Improvement Analysts, Business Analysts, Strategic Planners, IT Architects, HR Executives, IT Executives, anyone concerned with designing Business Change or Transformation programs.


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