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    Design and Execute Change with Better Results and Less Stress

    We have all heard and many of us have experienced the statistic that about 70% of change in organizations fails. Two big contributors to these failures are uncertainty and lack of understanding. Uncertainty leads to people going in different directions. Lack of understanding leads to conflict, design gaps and errors and insufficient preparation. Bringing together change management with design thinking and enterprise architecture can substantially reduce uncertainty and increase understanding.

     In times of change, the purpose of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is to facilitate three enterprise activities

    1. Determine a new and better way of working

    2. Design the new way of working

    3. Operationalize and fine-tune the new way of working


    EA should enable a consistent line of sight from strategy through design to operational performance. This will enable certainty of purpose and understanding of how that purpose is achieved. When the change process is just getting going at the “Determine” stage it is critical to clearly define the purpose as the guiding North Star. As you work through defining the North Star, it is essential to understand who is critical to achieving that purpose and how they perceive the value of the change to themselves. Without a relevant, clear, and concise North Star it is difficult for people to head together in the same direction. It will also lead to more uncertainty, conflict and misaligned designs which increases stress. Design thinking applied to EA can deliver immense value to the success of any organization change by helping leaders clarify and communicate their North Star through quick and powerful models. This can be done in a way that helps create certainty of direction and understanding of how this change is relevant or not to those who are most impacted. Continuing in the change process, this North Star can serve as a set of references for all the change design and preparation work, keeping the design and the people on track together.


    We must also keep in mind that, with the current rapid pace of change, it is more important than ever that EA does not add more complexity and effort to people's workloads. This means that EA methods, diagrams and tools need to be

    · Easily understood and engaging across the entire organization from executive to back office and front-line staff.

    · Seamlessly fit into the change process

    · Deliver obvious value to change leaders right from the beginning

    This is the first in a series of courses that equips you with knowledge and tools to contribute to the success of planning, designing, and executing any kind of service, process and technology change in a sustainable manner. It will enable you to start off, or help leaders start off, the change process on a solid footing with essential people on board.


    Learning Objectives

    In this first course you will be introduced to

    · The 3 stage Human-centred Enterprise Architecture & Change Design framework.

    · How HEACD reduces risk & improves ROI.

    · The physics, psychology, and neuroscience behind the effectiveness of HEACD.

    · The methods and tools for clearly and concisely determining and communicating the purpose and goals of the change.

    · How to engage impacted stakeholders early and quickly for better results and reduced stress, even when those stakeholders have very little time available.


    Learning Outcomes

    You will learn and practise methods and visual tools that facilitate

    · Clarity and communication of the purpose of the change

    · Understanding stakeholder differences in perceived value of the change.

    · Bringing everyone on board moving forward in the same direction.


    Who Should Attend and Why

    This theoretical and practical learning provides the framework for designing and executing any large or small change in your organization that impacts the way people work and interact. It will benefit

    · Organization leaders who are scoping and planning change

    · Architects, Designers. Analysts and Project Managers who assist change planning and design

    Course Duration: 4 weeks


    Course Outline

    PART 1

    4 hours over 5 working days

    · Read the book “Our Iceberg is Melting”

    · Live Session (1 hour)

    · Four critical success factors

    · Framework for the complete change process

    · Aligning Stakeholder Expectations

    · Discussion: Emergent Change Leaders


    PART 2

    2 hours over 3 working days

    · The Power of Visual Models

    · Aligning the North Star

    · The Strategic Value Model

    · Discussion: Enterprise Change Drivers


    PART 3

    4 hours over 4 1/2 working days

    · Discovering Stakeholder Perspectives

    · The Stakeholder Change Profile

    · Assignment: Reactive & Proactive Change Profiles

    · Deciphering Stakeholder Value and Cost

    · Live Session (1 hour)


    PART 4

    5 hours over 5 1/2 working days

    · Integrating ADKAR, Kotter & EA

    · The Assignment Case Study

    · Assignment: Customer/Client Change Profile

    · Assignment: Strategic Value Model

    · Live Session (1 hour)

    Advanced Reading (optional)


    How this Course Works

    This course operates as an online learning cohort. There is a set timeframe for the online discussions, assignments, the reading and videos. However, you can schedule those activities whenever is most convenient for you within the set timeframe. The instructor facilitates the discussions and provides feedback on all the assignments. You can post questions for the instructor at any time. There are also 3 live 1-hour interactive sessions with the instructor to review highlights and discuss questions.


    Instructor Bio

    Louise A Harris, PhD CMC CCMP: Founder ChangeDesign.Institute

    Louise Harris is on a mission to help people design and execute change in their organizations with better results and less stress. As a certified management consultant and enterprise architect, Louise has led and advised the development and implementation of challenging technological, process, and cultural change initiatives in the public and private sectors for over 25 years. In all her engagements Louise looks for opportunities to equip people with frameworks and practical expertise in planning and executing complex change. Louise has worked with organizations of all sizes including IBM, Deloitte, KPMG, CIBC, Qualiware, TNT Global, Group zed, Blue Cross, provincial and federal governments. She is a frequent speaker at international conferences on enterprise architecture and organizational change.


    Louise has a BSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Organizational Change. She has been researching and facilitating online learning cohorts for professionals since 2016. This experience served her well when she had to rapidly move the courses that she teaches for Memorial University, online in the spring of 2020. Louise has experienced constant change her entire life, born in Scotland, growing up in Africa and Asia, studying and establishing her career in British Columbia. Louise now lives in Newfoundland, where she enjoys the rugged coastline and wild weather. She can often be found performing ecological maintenance on the East Coast Trail with her two goats.

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