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CloseReach provides enterprise software, solutions
and training to support organizational strategy, change,
and performance challenges faced by both Business & IT. 

Why CloseReach? 

Business and enterprise architecture is our primary business, both as a service provider (advisory, consulting, and training) and as an enterprise architecture software reseller. If you want to "do EA", we have the knowledge and experience you're looking for. CloseReach, one of Canada's top growing companies is a strategic partner with QualiWare, a "leader" in the enterprise architecture tool space. 

Business Planning

Generate management reports and dashboards that support both process improvement and costing/profitability analysis. 

Quality & Compliance Management

Enhance your corporate image. Improve customer satisfaction and return rates with a CloseReach Quality Management Systems

Business Process

Develop methods to modernize, mine, and optimize business processes. Analyze and derive better outcomes fostering collaboration across the entire organization. 

Governance, Risk
& Compliance

Synchronize, enhance and streamline your organizations control over GRC activities with our comprehensive quality, risk and compliance management solution. 

Webinar: Myths of Business Architecture: Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware

Connecting Business & IT

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How CloseReach Benefits your Business  

Enterprise Architecture Software

World-class integrated enterprise architecture software solutions.

Expert Advisory Services

Industry leaders to mentor, coach, and help your organization achieve success.

Quality Management Systems

Build an effective Quality Management System (QMS).

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CloseReach Training

Make the most of your software by investing in training!

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