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    Key Features


    CBIS runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud so you know it is safe, secure, always on, and accessible from wherever your organization has business operations.

    Fast & Easy to Use

    Web-based, CBIS is easy to use. Gather ideas from across your business. Assess and evaluate. Prioritize and plan. Implement and improve. Realize operational and financial benefits sooner.

    Empower your employees - they have great ideas to help improve your business!

    Data-Driven Innovation

    Turn data into actionable insights, helping you make informed decisions about the direction of your innovation initiatives.

    Collect, organize, and visualize improvement ideas effectively. Integrate easily into larger corporate transformation initiatives.

    Custom Fit

    Business improvement isn't just about great ideas; it's also about great execution. CBIS is great out of the box (SaaS) but if your organization has special needs, CBIS is easily tailorable to fit your particular situation.

    A perfect fit ensures that your innovation efforts drive growth and create a competitive edge.