Transform your business with QualiWare X

Enable Digital Transformation with QualiWare Business & Enterprise Architecture Software

QualiWare X enables successful business transformation, bridging the gap from strategy to execution by aligning Business & IT. Build on the "digital twin" concept and utilize visual models to optimize operational activities and support future innovation.

Reimagine the customer experience. Drive organizational change. Achieve better outcomes.

QualiWare X is smart management

QualiWare X is Smart Management

Eliminate information silos and leverage the relationships in your organization. Improve your operations from day one with QualiWare X. 

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CloseReach is QualiWare's strategic partner delivering deployment, configuration, and training services in North America.

Ask about our thought leadership and advisory services in Business & Enterprise Architecture, Quality & Compliance Management, and Business Process Management. 

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Highlighted Features in QualiWare X

Data the easy way

Data the Easy Way

Do you ever lose sight of the bigger picture? With the introduction of an integrated system, QualiWare allows you to have a unified and consistent overview of all your data and insights across the entire organization. 

strategic modeling

Strategic Modeling

Are your strategies modeled so that everyone is aligned and making efficient use of your business ecosystem? QualiWare
is every strategist’s ultimate tool, offering a complete strategic
modeling solution from ideation, through strategy and planning to execution.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Can you safely say that you are in control of your governance and critical management? QualiWare Smart Management is a comprehensive toolbox to stay on top of requirements, policies, and standards. 

QualiWare Licensing

QualiWare X product licensing focuses on the functionality required for users to create and manage organizational content. Licenses are available on a perpetual or annual subscription basis in either named or concurrent formats. License deployment options include on-premise, cloud, and SaaS. Volume price points and enterprise license discounts are available. 

QualiWare Collaboration


 This license offers dynamic web portal access, with an individualized dashboard enabling everyone to share information and collaborate. 

QualiWare Plus


This license extends functionality on the web portal. Take an active part in process management without needing technical skills. Improve collaboration across the entire organization.

QualiWare Architecture


This license is Intended for Architects who model across all domains including; strategy, process, information, application, organization, and technology.

QualiWare X


> Access to Web Portal 
> Data the Easy Way 
> Intelligent Knowledge Sharing 
> Smart Content Search 
> Governance Execution 
> User-Friendly Interface 
> Personal Frontpage 
> QualiApp


> Web Modeling 
> Data the Easy Way 
> Intelligent Knowledge                 Sharing 
> Smart Content Search 
> Content Editing 
> Smart Capture 
> Audit Handling 
> Quality Management 
> Risk Management 
> GDPR - Documentation
> Accident Management 
> QualiApp


> Enterprise Architecture 
> Data the Easy Way 
> Intelligent Knowledge Sharing 
> Smart Content Search 
> Strategic Modeling 
> Digital Twins/Industry 
> Dynamic Operational                     Information Monitoring
> GDPR - Advanced 
> Governance Management 
> Business Transformation 
> Business Process                             Management 
> Business Ecosystem 
> Customer Journey Maps

Latest Release 
QualiWare 10.5.13

Web Modeler 

Smart Content Search

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