Government of Canada - QualiWare Software - GC-200

Government of Canada - QualiWare Software - GC-200

GC QualiWare software bundles represent the very best pricing available for QualiWare software. The GC-200 software bundle supplements the 5 year GC-wide EA Solution contract held by CloseReach enabling organizations to implement the latest QualiWare modelling and dynamic web functionality while maximizing return on investment.

All software components are available under the CloseReach GC Software Licensing Supply Arrangement EN578-100808-206.

QualiWare Software Components

    • 200 QLM-QEA + Analytics licenses
    • 4,000 QualiWare for Collaboration web licenses
    • 400 QualiWare Web Editor licenses
    QLM-QEA + Analytics

    Represent the complex enterprise and organizational concepts and processes in such a way that they are easily understandable across the different unit functions and domains. QualiWare supports all major modeling notations and frameworks as well as advanced analytics. Holistic views enable visualization of dependencies within an enterprise, and include a state-of-the-art governance engine making sure that EA content and documents are read, processes approved, change requests are effectively handled, and much more. Support for frameworks and standards range from APQC and ISA-95 industry classification models, EA3, Zachman, TOGAF, over process assessment and ISO standards to UML, Archimate, BPMN, EBPA, ITIL, etc.

     QualiWare for Collaboration (includes all of the following components):

    • QualiWare Enterprise Publisher - Publishes dynamic web content from the repository for read access via web browser
    • QualiWare Enterprise Engagement - Enables web registration (create) of Change Requests, Problems, Ratings, Subscriptions, Acknowledgements and execution of all Governance Workflow Actions
    • QualiWare Social Behaviour Warehouse - Captures web statistics on the organization's performance and use of web content published by QEP, and presents the information in web charts/dashboards designed for decision makers
    • QualiWare Document Manager - Enables upload, embedding, version control, access control and management of external files. Files may be embedded in External Document objects
    • QualiWare Mobile App - Enables the end-user to perform web governance tasks, as well as registering change requests and problems from a smart phone or tablet
    QualiWare Web Editor

    Permits web users to interact with QualiWare repository content from web-forms or via web-services (create, read, update, delete) allowing domain experts to effortlessly contribute their specialized knowledge to the EA content and business management system.

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