About CloseReach

Headquartered in Ottawa, CloseReach Ltd. is a federally incorporated Canadian company established in 2004. CloseReach and all of our business operations proudly employ a talented and diverse workforce. We work hard to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and are afforded equal opportunity to perform quality work with our Company. CloseReach operates free of discrimination related to sex, race, color, religion, age, ethnicity, national origin, or disability.

Our clients trust us.
Trust is a valuable commodity. It is earned over time and never taken for granted. The most successful consulting engagements begin with respect and understanding of your corporate culture and result in you viewing CloseReach as an extension of your organization, and ultimately a trusted advisor. We work hard to earn and keep the trust and respect of our clients. Your best interest is our first interest.

No one succeeds alone.
CloseReach is a team effort. Each CloseReach employee, consultant and associate plays a collaborative role to advance the Company vision of transformation, growth and success. Together we provide strategy, architecture, transformation and performance management services, business and technology consulting, as well as training services for a wide array of organizations with interests in: public/government administration, technology, education, healthcare, infrastructure, financial, manufacturing, agriculture, resource management and more.

We strive for excellence.
Excellence in all that we do is our goal. It is what sets CloseReach apart and allows us to accomplish extraordinary things every day.