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    QualiWare Governance and Advanced Collaboration

    Learning Objective

    Enable collaboration by automating sharing of enterprise artifacts during their entire lifecycle and by engaging relevant stakeholders whenever their attention is required. QualiWare’s Governance Workflow Engine (GWE) is an advanced engine for collaborative governance and effective compliance, audit and improvement.

    This 1-day course about governance and collaboration in QualiWare is particularly relevant for customers in Compliance, Auditing and Improvement, but also relevant for enterprise architecture and business transformation customers.

    Participants will learn how to:

    • Facilitate communication between knowledge stakeholders
    • Access personal governance tasks
    • Enable collaboration between employees participating in content development and improvement
    • Creating new revisions of objects, sending changes into circulation, commenting, and approving finalized object work
    • Submitting and managing of change requests
    • Configure notifications to employees who have a pending governance task and escalations in case of overdue tasks
    • Ensure validation of content
    • Ensure validation of SLA’s embedded in the governance workflows

    Course Content

    • Walkthrough of the Change Management and Change Request GovernanceWorkFlows
    • Features of Governance Workflow Engine
    • Configurations of GovernanceWorkFlows
    • In-depth features of Governance Workflow Engine
    • Compliance, Auditing and Improvement in QualiWare
    • Configuration of advanced governance workflows
    • Version and Configuration Management

    Who Should Attend

    The knowledge gained in this course is of value to all types of practitioners including Business Transformation Architects, Enterprise Architects, Process Modelers, Business Analysts, Data / Application / Infrastructure Modelers, Project Managers, and Quality Managers as well as QualiWare Programmers and Administrators.

    Prerequisite: QLM-QEA Basic

    Course training material: applicable supporting course material and documentation including (but not limited to) student hand-outs, reference material, exercise material. Students will retain the complete course manual and exercises including suggested solutions and receive a certificate for successful completion.
    Complimentary refreshments and snacks are provided throughout the day. Lunch is not provided.  Internet access is available on-site.

    Delivery of the course, instruction, training material and handouts will be in English only format.

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