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    Best practice organizations realize the benefits of multi-functional teams. Collaborative Business Planning (CBP) uses this approach to build highly visual business models that support resource planning, costing and process improvement.

    CBP is a powerful adjunct to the QualiWare Business Process Management platform enabling organizations to truly understand and manage the impacts of organizational transformation.  CBP follows a well established approach to Business Process Analysis & Costing (BPAC) with emphasis on developing an operational view of the business, leading to better resource planning and more accurate costs.

    CBP provides business managers with the ability to model their operational flows and predict where and when bottlenecks will arise. It also determines the impact of shifting product/service demands and/or changing operating efficiencies on both fixed and variable costs.

    CBP models are used collaboratively to test and validate “what-if" scenarios for understanding both operational and financial impacts across the organization. CBP provides business stakeholders valuable insights into a wide variety of business management needs such as:


    Go beyond Excel and Visio. Use CBP to break down organizational silos, encourage cooperation and optimize decision making.

    Build CBP models to test business scenarios before committing resources!

    CBP incorporates industry standard Value Stream Mapping (VSM) for improved understanding of the resource and cost impacts of lean process improvement initiatives. By sharing operational data such as Lead, Processing, and Wait Times between VSM and BPAC models, CBP provides additional Lean insights for both “Capacity to Serve” and “Cost to Serve”.

    BPAC image, collaborative business planning software

    BPAC and Lean are powerful tools in their own right.

    With CBP these powers are amplified when the tools are combined!

    CBP is available as a managed Cloud service which enables all stakeholders across the organization to build, support, analyze, and employ CBP results for improved decision-making.

    Test Drive CBP with our Quick Start Program: We can get you up and running in as little as 4-6 weeks, with a proven methodology, specialized training and coaching, access to CBP Cloud software, as well as modeling support and facilitation by subject matter experts.


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