Contact Centre Optimization Webinar

Date: Wed March 10th, 2021
Time:  11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Virtual

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Want to meet the growing demands of your contact centre customers and your business -- without breaking the bank

This special CloseReach webinar features two exceptional leaders in their field whose approaches, both “powered by QualiWare”, offer breakthrough results for contact centre operations. 

Michael Seeger, President of Optimal Business Solutions, Inc. will present InteractCoach which blends proven methodologies with innovative use of QualiWare’s world class technology tools. The unification of methodology with QualiWare’s stunning visual modeling capabilities will help your organization’s customer contact personnel to:

  • Train Faster
  • Interact Smarter
  • Perform Better

Mike Haley, President of Landmark Decisions, Inc. will present Collaborative Business Planning (CBP) with its unique approach to creating a “Digital Twin” of your business. Also built on QualiWare’s outstanding Enterprise Architecture tool, CPB enables contact center managers to:

  • Model business workflows
  • Predict where and when bottlenecks will arise and test scenarios to resolve them
  • Enable your teams to collaboratively visualize business process inefficiencies and weigh the operational and financial impacts of various mitigations

11:00 AM - Welcome and Introductions 
11:10 AM - Contact Centre Challenges
11:20 AM - InteractCoach overview (Michael)
11:35 AM - Contact Centre Modeling with CBP overview
11:50 AM - Q&A

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