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  • Gartner's Ovum On the radar: Qualiware

    August 20, 2019 3 min read

    Ovum On the radar: QualiWare - CloseReach Enterprise Architecture

    Gartner's Ovum On the radar: QualiWare

    Ovum view
    As with several EA solutions providers, QualiWare is targeting business users to broaden the acceptance of architecture as a business modeling and decision support tool. QualiWare has further targeted senior management, with its advanced management platform, recognizing that if senior managers use architectural inputs, the platform will be the accepted source of shared knowledge.
    QualiWare stresses the “outside-in” elements of business and provides for the architecting of customer journeys, ecosystems, and business model canvasses for external partners.


    Key messages
    ▪ QualiWare X is a business transformation solution, allowing impact analyses on digital twins
    ▪ The solution uses “outside-in” thinking which caters for ecosystem modeling, and customer journey mapping and impact analysis.
    ▪ The product provides an advanced management platform to accommodate senior executives’ use of architecture as a decision support tool.
    ▪ QualiWare’s risk architecture sets it apart from other EA solutions.

    Why put QualiWare X on your radar?
    QualiWare is a digital business transformation solution. Whether the transformation is driven by cost saving, bridging the gap between strategy and execution, or taking ideas to completion, QualiWare X provides the tools, including digital twinning, to visualize day to day operations, model the impacts of changes, and track the changes needed to execute successfully.
    QualiWare focuses on integrated business risk and compliance, process digitization, and business change management, with senior management, and business user involvement.
    QualiWare cites intuitive ease of use, support for RPA, digital twinning, and competitive pricing as the main reasons why customers choose their solution.

    QualiWare X has recently been re-platformed to enable web-based access, smart data capture using AI, lightweight modeling and charting, and the provision of use-cases to accommodate business users.
    One of the taglines used by QualiWare X is: “smart management on the fly,” which suggests real-time architecture and sophisticated integration not only to business operations and management software but also to IoT, RPA, Industry 4.0, and the business ecosystem.
    The QualiWare X solution has three specific UI platforms: The Architect platform interacts with architects and specialists, the Collaboration platform reaches the business user, and the Plus platform is designed for managers.

    A particular strength is QualiWare X’s focus on risk architecture. All risk is analyzed for impact on finance, reputation/brand, and compliance, with risk being managed centrally, and maintained by departments, and compliance being planned and executed by departments.
    One of the primary elements of QualiWare X’s offering is “outside-in” thinking. Users can model customer journeys, business ecosystems, and business model canvasses. The ability to identify and prioritize change initiatives both inside and outside the organization is crucial in a digitally connected world. As is the ability to Identify strategic requirements for digitalization (technology, compliance, business moments etc.), investigate current performance using business operating models, KPIs, business mining/process insights and quality statistics. Users are able to identify and define new digitalization areas (processes, applications, IoT, Industry 4.0) both inside and outside the organization which have practical applications for their organizations.
    As with many EA solutions, collaboration across the organization and hierarchies is critical to architectural acceptance and success. QualiWare wants its application to be the accepted organizational platform for shared knowledge, and its tools promote this aspiration.
    QualiWare X provides application portfolio management, business process management, risk management, capability modeling, information architectures, and a wide range of architectural standards and frameworks.
    QualiWare is integrated with IBM Business Automation, providing the analysis and design, before IBM Business Automation provides the development, integration, and implementation, where QualiWare takes over again to supply the management and improvement platform.
    The QualiWare Center of Excellence bridges the gap between theory and practice for its clients. The company conducts research with academic institutions and industry groups into EA trends, business modeling, ecosystems, outside-in perspectives, IoT, Industry 4.0, AI use-cases, and digital twins. It also provides tips and techniques for tool usage and training and support.
    In 2019 QualiWare plans to release “Smart Architecture,” which is designed to make visualizations easier and more intelligent. It also plans on doing more with digital twinning and Industry 4.0. In 2020 the company has plans for smart capture with AI providing assistance to architects, to simplify the architectural process. Also planned is “Smart management,” which aims to make portfolio, risk, and compliance management more accessible and intelligent.

    Founded in 1991 in Denmark, QualiWare is a global business modeling software and consultancy provider.
    New subscriptions represent 25% of total sales. The company has experienced strong growth since the launch of the QualiWare X platform.
    The company has offices in Europe, Australia, the USA, South America, and South Africa.
    QualiWare achieved ISO 27001 certification in 2019.


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