March 30, 2021

Featured Speaker Louise Harris Ph.D., CMC, CCMP on the topic 'How to Draw Diagrams Executives will Love"

Our QualiWare Users Group Meeting was particularly interesting this month as we were joined by special guest speaker Louise Harris. Louise is an accomplished speaker, educator, coach and consultant. She is a lecturer at Memorial University in Canada and founder of the Change Design Institute.

In her presentation Louise introduced us to the scientifically researched principles of neurocognition and strategic change design, that can help transform your diagrams into intuitive visual strategic planning tools that executives love. Addressing the challenges many face when using enterprise architecture diagrams as a tool to design strategic business transformation (critical in minimizing gaps and reducing risk).

Architecture diagrams can also be confusing to management. Especially complex diagrams that seek to depict the scope and impact of enterprise or service transformation. 

To succeed in digital transformation and organizational change, you need to “Design for Success” and involve the right people. But there’s a problem. 70% of organizational change fails because the value to customers and employees is unclear and hidden risks are uncovered too late, critical employees are too busy doing their jobs to give useful input, operational leaders don’t understand all the impacts of change. This can lead to the misalignment of operational processes. Keeping in mind critical success factors are not the same for every organization. 

Click Here to see Louise's full QualiWare Users Group Presentation.

In this session you will learn:

  • What makes a diagram difficult to understand
  • Neuro-principles for effective and intuitive diagrams
  • When and how to apply these principles


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