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    March 24, 2022 2 min read

    Data Implementation Model - Carl Drodge

    Many organizations develop a data strategy, but then they experience issues moving to the implementation phase. A recent QualiWare Users Group Meeting featured Ottawa-based speaker Carl Drodge who has developed a framework to help organizations implement data management strategies based upon the DMBoK (Data Management Book of Knowledge). In this blog post we will be talking about how basic DAMA concepts may be modeled in QualiWare and data management principals communicated and implemented across the organization. 

    Carl Drodge on Data Management Program Implementation Model (DMPIM)

    There’s been a lot of work done in the past years concerning data management. Many organizations have been mandated to come up with data management implementation strategies which has turned out to be a unique challenge. Drodge noticed that while DAMA DMBoK provides useful insight and best practices through specific segments with six models or frameworks, very few of the DAMA models focus on data management implementation.  

    The challenge with data management as a discipline, Drodge points out is “usually the large volume of data”. So, what Drodge has set out to do through this implementation model is simplify how organizations implement their data frameworks and make it easier for people to consume the DAMA structured data. The ‘Data Management Program Implementation Model’ is a solution for organizations who want to implement a data management program following the DAMA principals through the typical mechanisms used for any other project.  

    Drodge has developed an implementation specific model or roadmap. Consisting of a stacked model that moves the focus upward from Storage Operations, to Data Security & Privacy, and Delivery Processes, it becomes apparent how data interacts and is integrated within the overall Architecture of an organization at a Governance and Program Management level. “The road map is a multi-year view of all the streams of activities, deliverables, roles and responsibilities and more. Ultimately it would be good to get a sense of how various clients and organizations are implementing their data strategies, but then the implementation model becomes a broader data management program for implementing the things that DAMA supports, which is already a good model to begin with”. 

    This layered approach for drawing out data is an effective means of gathering information and facilitating discussion regarding each one of these streams, examining who is implementing the data, what these processes are, what are the technologies they are using, and the attributes of the data being implemented.  The result is a holistic implementation model where we are able to use this model to analyze DAMA's deliverables, their sequence and order, bringing us to a core understanding of how this model works.  

    To learn more about Carl Drodge and his Data Management Program Implementation model, we invite you to view the on-line presentation here. We have also attached the presentation as a PDF printable document for your reference.  

    All concepts described above and in the presentation are easily modeled using QualiWare out-of-the-box models, diagrams, and templates. CloseReach has also developed a QualiWare-based Data Management Accelerator to assist organization on their data management journey. For more information contact: CloseReach at 613-505-0262 or 

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