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    April 25, 2022 2 min read

    CloseReach Achieves ISO 9001 Certification

    For the last 4 months CloseReach has been working to prepare for our ISO 9001 Registration Audit. Flash forward to the successful conclusion this month, our team has proven that it is possible to build and deploy a company-wide integrated ISO compliant management system, with sophisticated process automation, in record time. This demonstrates that our QualiWare-based Compliance Management Accelerator (CMA) can speed up the implementation of a fully compliant Quality Management System, enabling our business to continue its' award-winning growth through continual improvement and employee engagement.

    We received validation that we are on the right track with our Compliance Management Accelerator and the auditor was blown away by our management system.


    Comments from the Auditor:

    "The Quality Management System is well organized and easy to navigate. Quality management system processes are well defined within the Quality Management System Manual and related Workflows. The company excels with document control and ease of access to records. Risk assessment activities are used to drive improvement projects within the business."

    "All QMS documentation and process flows are maintained on the on-line “QualiWare” system. The Overall Process Flow defined the sequence and interaction of the QMS. Governance Workflows have been developed for key processes and identify the inputs and outputs. The Quality Management System is maintained electronically, and controls are in place for updates and revisions."


    The CloseReach developed CMA runs on the QualiWare EA platform and helped us get through our ISO 9001 registration audit quickly and with no issues. Our CMA solution has really proven its value eliminating information silos, reducing administrative overhead, and adding business value while reducing time to market and deployment costs.

    This win was the result of some great teamwork from the CMA team (Anthony, Dragos, Devlin and Viorel) in working tirelessly to complete the many small (and sometimes large) tasks that were involved in building the Compliance Management Accelerator to a level that would support compliance to ISO 9001:2015.

    CloseReach Quality & Compliance Manger Gerry Larkin “I have been involved in many ISO audits and I can honestly say that this was one of the smoothest audits that I have experienced. The tool is a big reason for this as it makes compliance so much easier than when artifacts are in several different places. Being able to easily walk through all the different elements of ISO 9001 with the Auditor, in the same place, and not be relying on databases, spreadsheets, word documents etc. makes the audit so much simpler and less stressful, that it is a real game-changer. In my opinion, the future is bright for CloseReach with the prospects for this product. “

    ISO 45001 and 27001 are next on the list for enhancement of our Compliance Management Accelerator. We are looking forward to working with Ontario based companies to provide this cloud-based solution to help them reap the WSIB rebate benefits associated with ISO 45001 compliance as well as eliminate the many Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs, and manual processes that are used by quality managers to maintain standards compliance.

    For more information and a demonstration of our cloud-based Compliance Management Accelerator solution visit: Quality Management  - CloseReach


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