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    April 06, 2022 2 min read

    Business Architecture Webinar with Roger Burlton

    Join Roger Burlton for a free webinar on the Myths of Business Architecture


    Title: Myths of Business Architecture: Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware
    Presenter: Roger Burlton
    When: May 11, 2022 – 1:00 – 2:30 pm ET


    Webinar Description:

    Business Architecture, like other past promising methods, is ripe with great opportunity for organizations to get their act together and thrive.  It is also full of misleading protestations from incumbents and newbies, both with vested interests, dogmatic mindsets and, frankly, a lot of promises that just do not work well in reality.  Many practitioners are advocating overly simple methods that aim to solve complex challenges that are more hope than strategy.  This is an area that can easily become academic, where methodology seems to become more important than practicality.

    In this session, Roger Burlton, an experienced pioneer in applying pragmatic Business Architecture practices, will take us through a journey of dashed hopes and realistic alternatives that can be trusted to deliver.  He will focus on an approach that can adapt to each organization’s particular scenario, with its unique pressures, expectations, maturity, resistance, readiness, opportunities, and risks.  You can expect some controversy so come, bring your own myths, and join the discussion!

    About the Presenter:

    Roger T Burlton

    P. Eng., CMC

    Roger is the President of Process Renewal Group. He is the author of the pioneering book ‘Business Process Management: Profiting from Process’, the ‘Business Process Manifesto’ and the ‘Business Agility Manifesto’. Roger developed the first Business Process and Business Architecture practices in the world in 1991. Having worked with over 200 organizations globally to transform from traditional organizations to more professionally managed ones, he is is recognized as a world leader in establishing a business value delivery model supported by Business Architecture practices. His latest book: Business Architecture: Collecting, Connecting and Correcting the Dots has just been released.

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    5 Responses

    Elise Reekie
    Elise Reekie

    April 27, 2022

    Building a Capacity Development process and will be working with our internal BA team. Looking forward to this event!

    Lourdes Gonzalez
    Lourdes Gonzalez

    April 20, 2022

    Looking forward to it!

    Gail N. Petersen
    Gail N. Petersen

    April 20, 2022

    Looking forward to Roger’s presentation!

    Cristina Preda
    Cristina Preda

    April 20, 2022

    Hello, I’d be honoured to attent this webinar. I’m sure much practical information will be disseminated.

    Hakim Telmat
    Hakim Telmat

    April 20, 2022

    As a business Architecture pratitionner and a fan and follower of Roger Burlton. I’m very interested in this event

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