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    Learning objective

    To gain a strong understanding of the basic structures and interaction of QualiWare Lifecycle Manager software and the metamodeling tool QualiWare CaseMaker. Develop an understanding of what a metamodel is and what it means, and an overview of semantic modeling and how semantics play into the development of a metamodel that becomes the basis for business and EA modeling in QualiWare Lifecycle Manager.

     Learn how to build a model that can drive the development of a metamodel.  This includes an introduction to fundamental data modeling and why this is important to the development of a metamodel. Understand how the QualiWare Casemaker product is used to build a metamodel, including the creation of templates, symbols/icons, dialogs, attributes/properties and the various types of properties that may be found on a template.

    Create and modify an actual metamodel as output of Casemaker and learn how to implement and use the output files within QualiWare Lifecycle Manager. Understand the role and interaction of metamodels, QualiWare Command Language (QCL) and QualiWare set-ups. Learn how to utilize the “MetaAddxxxx” command to further develop metamodel functions and behavior that is typically not built into the Casemaker based metamodel. Also learn how to utilize the QualiWare Lifecycle Manager GUI capabilities to modify metamodels and tool behaviour as well as the trade-offs between each metamodel development/modification method.

    Understand how to structure the QLM/Models folder for different metamodel components as well as the importance of various files (i.e. .cin, .qcl etc.) found in the Models folder. Learn how to build roll-over tooltips and Help System content for new templates and properties. 

    Upon course completion participants should be able to effectively utilize various configuration and metamodel development techniques to create QualiWare customizations.

    Course content

    • Structure of QualiWare Lifecycle Manager and QualiWare CaseMaker
    • Build the tool you need
    • Principles of metamodeling
    • Out of the box (Common and Base) metamodels
    • Scope, components and environment settings
    • Templates
    • Designing dialogs
    • Defining symbols
    • Defining a diagram
    • Defining menus
    • Event handlers and QualiWare Command Language
    • Defining the Help System

    Who Should Attend
    QLM technical users, Repository Administrators, Configuration Specialists, Programmer/Analysts and Power QLM Users that have a programming background.

    Prerequisite: QualiWare Lifecycle Manager – QLM-QEA Level 1 Basic training, QualiWare Command Language – Basic Level 1 training

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