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  • Patch notes for QualiWare 10.4.2

    October 14, 2021 1 min read

    Patch notes for QualiWare 10.4.2

    Introduction to QualiWare 10.4.2:

    This section contains a status of defects fixed in 10.4.2 compared to previous releases.

    Closed Incidents/Defects:

    The closed Incidents (INC)/Defects (DF) can be grouped in the following groups:
    User interface

    Please note that details on each of the incidents are not included in this document. The reason is that too many of those fixes are quite technical detailed in their context.
    In case details are required, please contact Service Delivery Manager at QualiWare


    IMPORTANT: Related to new installations connecting to Azure AD
    The Azure Active Directory Graph API will be decommissioned June 2022, however the Azure App Registrations is preventing new configurations from being deployed as of September 2021. This release has been upgraded to support Microsoft Graph in Azure AD.
    The result is that new installations using Azure AD App Registrations cannot be configured to work with the releases prior to this.
    Current QualiWare installations and upgrades of current installations are not impacted. But from June 2022 Azure AD connection from QualiWare will require at least this release.

    QualiWare Release

    Various web modeler fixes:
    • Colouring of symbols in web modeler using set default appearance would fail. This has been fixed.
    • Label positions when multiple labels on connections in the web modeler would fail. This has been fixed.
    • Fix for saving movable labels in web modeler.
    • Special symbols in object names would fail while saving in the web modeler. This has been fixed.

    Read the full release here

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