Patch Notes for QualiWare 10.1.0

Patch Notes for QualiWare 10.1.0 - CloseReach


This section contains patch information for QualiWare release 10.1.0. The purpose of 10.1.0 can shortly be described: • 10.1 contains bug fixes compared to 10.0 and contains new features that can be viewed in the release notes The 10.1.0 release is recommended to all in order in order to keep up with the newest features in QualiWare. Those cases where a specific problem is identified, which has solved by the below incidents, a update is particularly recommended.


Closed Incidents/Defects

The closed Incidents(INC)/Defects(DF) can be grouped in the following groups: Performance
User interface


Please note that details on each of the incidents are not included in this document. The reason is that too many of those fixes are quite technical detailed in their context. In case details are required please contact Service Delivery Manager at QualiWare


To view full Patch Notes please visit:

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