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    Learning objective

    To gain a strong understanding of QualiWare X web publishing functionality.

    This course will provide experienced QualiWare users with an overview of dynamic web publishing concepts and techniques in QualiWare.  It will guide students through the steps required to publish models, graphs, editable spreadsheets, query results views (QRVs), repository desktops and more.

    The course will provide participants with a full understanding of the templates and features available in QualiWare X dynamic web publishing.  Participants will be engaged in hands-on exercises and required to build a related set of web pages during this course. 

    Upon completion, students will be able to publish QualiWare X repository content to the Web for Collaboration, Collaboration PLUS and Architect users.

    Course content

    • Web publishing environment in QLM
    • Licensing Considerations
    • Publishing Static Content
    • Publishing Dynamic Content
    • Updating the Default Menu
    • Personal Page and Tiles
    • Setting up Navigation Buttons
    • Search Page Settings
    • Presenting Repository Contents Using Table Format (i.e. Lists)
    • Template Definitions
      • Left
      • Center
      • Right
    • Content Settings
        • Standard Content Tabs
          • Standard Content Boxes
        • Other Publisher Settings
          • Overview of How to Publish in Multiple Languages and Using Multiple Configurations
            • Query Design
              • Capturing Content on the Web
              • Overview of Support for Governance and Collaboration

              Who Should Attend

              Participants must be experienced QualiWare Architect users and possess a solid understanding of repositories, configurations, roles and permissions in QLM. Basic knowledge of HTML is not required but is helpful.

              The knowledge gained in this course is of value to all types of practitioners including Business Transformation Architects, Enterprise Architects, Process Modelers, Business Analysts, Data / Application / Infrastructure Modelers, Project Managers, and Quality Managers as well as QualiWare Programmers and Administrators. 

                Course duration is 2 days. 
                Course training material: applicable supporting course material and documentation including (but not limited to) student hand-outs, reference material, exercise material. Students will retain the complete course manual and exercises including suggested solutions and receive a certificate for successful completion.
                Complimentary refreshments and snacks are provided throughout the day. Lunch is not provided.  Internet access is available on-site.

                Delivery of the course, instruction, training material and handouts will be in English only format.

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