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    QualiWare Collaboration License Description:

    The Collaboration License offers dynamic web portal access with a range of powerful features designed to enhance your enterprise architecture workflows. It enables you to access both out-of-the-box and customized diagrams, templates, and objects to streamline your projects.

    Key Features:

    • Web Registration: Easily create and manage Change Requests, Problems, Comments, Ideas, Ratings, Subscriptions, and Acknowledgments through the intuitive web interface.

    • Governance Workflow Actions: Execute all governance-related tasks and actions efficiently within the platform.

    • Web Content Statistics: Gain valuable insights into your organization's performance and web content usage with comprehensive statistics, presented in web charts and dashboards, tailored for decision-makers.

    • Approval Capabilities: Seamlessly approve items in your governance workflows, ensuring a smooth and controlled process.

    Mobile App Integration:

    QualiWare's mobile app complements the web license, allowing end-users to perform essential governance tasks and register change requests and problems from their smartphones or tablets.

    Experience a powerful and user-friendly solution that caters to both seasoned enterprise architects and casual users, facilitating collaboration and driving efficiency.