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    Learning objective

    To gain a fundamental knowledge of QualiWare Lifecycle Manager (QLM) and its use in a Business Architecture/Transformation, Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Business Process Modeling (BPM) context.                         

    This 2-day course will provide new users of QualiWare Lifecycle Manager with the concepts of modeling, a full understanding of the QLM user interface, how to utilize the various editors, and how and when to use the various diagrams that are available in QLM. Participants will learn how to connect and integrate the various models, how to use the integrated business design to assess impact of change to a business, use of the language variant to produce models using both official languages, importing and exporting models and content and how to produce printed reports and HTML output (using the HTML Converter) of models and repository objects. Participants will be engaged in hands-on exercises and required to build a related set of models/diagrams during the course.

    Upon course completion, participants will be able to effectively operate the QLM software and use the software to bring value to their organization.

    Course content

    Learn the fundamentals of QLM:

    • Create and edit diagrams
    • Describe models and model objects
    • Reuse and link between models and model (graphical and non-graphical) objects
    • Handle text and matrices

    Learn how to use QLM for:

    • Process modeling
    • Workflow diagrams
    • Organization diagrams
    • Goals and policies

    Gain a basic understanding of:

    • Content import and export
    • Report Generation
    • Web publishing

    Who Should Attend

    Business Transformation Architects, Business Planners, Enterprise Architects, Process Modelers, Business Analysts, Data / Application / Infrastructure Modelers, Project Managers, Quality Managers.


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