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    Successful completion of QualiWare Lifecycle Manager Basic (QLM-QEA) Training.
    Course Scope and Content
    The two (2) day Advanced QLM course will build on the concepts gained through the CloseReach QLM-Basic Course.  The Advanced Course presents a variety of modelling techniques to apply the principles of Enterprise Architecture and the QualiWare Lifecycle Manager toolset to real-world modelling situations common in most business settings.

    Specifically, this Modelling with QualiWare course includes:


    • An introduction to modelling: why build models?
    •  Business Process Model and Notation is a standardized method for modelling business processes in accordance with the Object Management Group BPMN Standard version 2.0. Course content includes presentation of the various symbols used in BPMN, the "Personas" used to represent different levels of detail, and practise using the Simple and Descriptive personas to create useful business models;
    • Requirements Management uses the QLM toolset to implement the standard V-model for requirements traceability. Useful QLM objects, their properties, and their linkages will be used to create models to objectively verify that requirements have been satisfied;
    • Applications Portfolio Management includes presentation of the functions built into the QLM tool to support this important business activity. Students will generate lifecycle Gantt charts, scored application models, and a variety of useful diagrams and tables to manage information pertaining to business applications;
    • Project Management includes the basic principles of the practise, key PM activities, and the use of QLM diagrams and symbols to create models supporting effective Project Management; and
    • Risk Management. Understanding, evaluating, and responding to risk is essential in any complex endeavour.  The QLM tool has a wide range of risk management functionality, and practical application of this capability will be explored in depth.

    The course also presents interesting and useful functions of the QLM software user interface.

    Course duration is 2 days. All participants will have access to a computer with a QLM software training environment (1:1 ratio).

    Course training material: applicable supporting course material and documentation including (but not limited to) student hand-outs, reference material, exercise material. Students will retain the complete course manual and exercises including suggested solutions and receive a certificate for successful completion.
    Delivery of the course, instruction, training material and handouts will be in English only format.

    Prerequisite:  Successful completion of QualiWare Lifecycle Manager (QLM-QEA) Training.

    All participants will have access to a computer with a QLM software training environment (1:1 ratio).

    Complimentary refreshments and snacks are provided throughout the day. Lunch is not provided.  Internet access is available on-site.


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