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  • QualiWare Command Language (QCL) Advanced


    Learning objective

    To gain a strong understanding of QualiWare Command Language (QCL) and the QualiWare API to support modelling, reporting, system configuration/customization and repository administration activities. This course will cover common QCL programming techniques, how to locate development resources as well as best programming practices and styles.

    Upon course completion participants should be self-sufficient and able to effectively utilize QCL to create custom queries and matrices, import/export complex data, develop custom macros, create model and content manipulation routines, modify/tailor QLM templates/GUI and bring value to their organization.

    Course content

    • Review of Basic Course Topics
    • List View Headers
    • Diagrams
    • Matrices
    • User Menus
    • Revisions
    • Language Variants
    • Event Handlers
    • Repository
    • File IO
    • QCL in Browser Diagram reports
    • ODBC
    • DDE
    • XML and Structs
    • Template Behaviour Customizations in QCL
    • Now what?

    Who Should Attend
    QLM technical users, Repository Administrators, Configuration Specialists, Programmer/Analysts and Power QLM Users that have a programming background.


    Participants receive a copy of the complete course manual and exercises including suggested solutions as well as a certificate for successful completion.

    Prerequisite: QualiWare Command Language, Level 1 – Basic


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