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    Cherwell Software, LLC, ("Cherwell") a global leader in enterprise service management, announced a way for businesses to improve cross-project visibility enabling organizations to easily prioritize projects and improve project outcomes. The new Cherwell Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) product is available today as part of its expansion into the broader service management market at large. 

    Cherwell Project and Portfolio Management, which can be deployed stand-alone or as an add-on for existing Cherwell® Service Management customers, gives teams real-time views into project status and resource utilization, improving productivity and reducing the total cost of ownership. 

    "Many organizations have ad hoc project management practices and tools and want to improve maturity, while others have expensive legacy PPM solutions that offer complex features they are paying for, but can’t take advantage of," said Scott Gainey, Chief Marketing Officer, Cherwell Software. "With Cherwell Project and Portfolio Management, we’re trying to meet our customers where they are, with a solution that centralizes demand management into a single system, enabling prioritization of projects and requests while also improving resource utilization."

    Cherwell Service Management provides a flexible solution that can offer reduced cost and complexity over legacy systems. With Cherwell Portfolio and Project Management, organizations at any point on the organizational maturity scale can more effectively gain:
    • Strategic alignment
    • Demand management
    • Resource optimization
    • Insights and reporting

    Cherwell Project and Portfolio Management builds on ITIL® service portfolio management by evaluating service and associated IT project requests against the organization’s strategic objectives, projected business value, costs, and required resources. Project managers are able to reduce time and effort spent collecting and rationalizing data by consolidating project tracking and reporting onto a single system.

    Platform:  SaaS or on-premise deployment.