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  • Cherwell Human Resources Service Management (HRSM)

    Cherwell HR Service Management (HRSM) is a completely new HR Service Management solution which combines HR Case Management and HR Employee Administration. Designed around HR workflow processes and Centers of Excellence (COE), Cherwell’s HRSM solution is an ideal solution for organizations needing to mature their HR operations and employee experience.

    Cherwell HRSM is designed to create a consumer like service experience and increase HR productivity and employee satisfaction. This is made possible through a combination of the powerfully intuitive Self-Service portal, the persona-specific HR Knowledgebase, and out-of-the-box shared services capabilities with pre-built automated workflows designed specifically for HR service delivery. The overview video is followed by Role specific tours of each workflow that HRSM delivers to integrate with other HR solutions and increase productivity from one central Dashboard management.

    Platform:  SaaS or on-premise deployment.