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  • FORTIG Asset Performance Accelerator

    Is your organization getting maximum value from the investment in your assets?

    Are your assets under or over utilized? Are they performing reliably?

    Is your asset management strategy clearly linked to your organization's business strategy?

    Can you identify the root causes of breakdown in how your assets are managed?

    Do you have a culture of continuous improvement?


    What if you could say "Yes!" to all these questions?

    FORTIG is a proven asset performance accelerator that can be systematically and easily tailored to fit your business. Make sure that your assets are operating and being utilized at full capacity. Reduce costs and extend the life of working assets. Find hidden capacity and reduce the demand for CapEx. Improve safety and environmental compliance. Sustain asset performance improvement. Standardize the way your assets are managed.

    Powered by QualiWare FORTIG is your Enterprise Digital Twin accelerating your organization's ability to maximize asset utilization. With FORTIG, your organization will achieve end-to-end and top-to-bottom line-of-sight.

    Position your organization for Industry 4.0 with FORTIG. 


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