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    Learning objective

    To gain a fundamental knowledge of how to use advanced analytics in conjunction with risk management and business/enterprise architecture to support management decisions, control and compliance.

    QualiWare Data Visualization and Analytics training enables users to collect the right data, create smart charts that everyone can understand and accurately define key performance indicators that are displayed in a balanced scorecard, dashboard or heat map format. By implementing consistent approaches and methods to organizational analytics and risk management, organizations will be able to react decisively and consistently to any challenge, thus delivering measurable results in the face of uncertainty.

    Monitor and communicate KPIs; Documentation of achieved KPIs is made easy with the QA. The automated KPI setup enables easy tracking, documentation and communication with organizational KPIs within the repository. Learn how powerful automated day-to-day monitoring of processes, compliance, asset management and much more makes analytics key to achieving business excellence, managing risk and increased organizational maturity.

    Upon course completion participants will be able to effectively utilize QualiWare Analytics to consolidate, integrate and visualize operational and architecture data to bring value to their organization.


    Data Visualization:

    • Importing metrics, performance and other data types
    • Creating/editing queries to build data subsets
    • Utilizing measurement, performance indicators and KPI templates
    • Creating Business Charts & Dashboards
    • Understanding other QualiWare visualization models (performance diagram, balanced scorecard, lifecycle diagram, etc.)
    • Comparing alternate business scenarios and visualizing results
    • Publishing QA models and content – integrate data visualization with architecture content

    Risk Management

    • Understanding Risk Management and the QualiWare risk metamodel
    • Creating Risk objects in QLM
    • Relating Risks to other QLM objects
    • Identifying Risk mitigations and responses using Control and Activity objects
    • Generating and publishing Risk Heat Maps and Risk Matrices

    Out-of-the-Box Tools & Help

    • Guides, presentations, examples and more
    • Specialized toolbars, wizards, heat maps and matrices

    Who Should Attend

    Business Transformation Architects, Business Planners, Enterprise Architects, Process Modelers, Business Analysts, Data / Application / Infrastructure Modelers, Project Managers, Performance Measurement and Management Specialists, Quality Managers and Risk Managers.

    Prerequisite: QualiWare Lifecycle Manager – QLM-QEA Basic training


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