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  • QualiWare System Administrator


    Learning Objective:
    To gain an initial understanding of QualiWare Execution Framework and Repository Administrator. The course is recommended for those responsible for operating the QualiWare platform and managing licenses. In this technical course, the participants get a practical overview of the administrative components in the QualiWare platform (i.e. QualiWare Execution Framework (QEF) and QualiWare Integration Server (QIS) including the Repository Administrator). Learn basic system administration tasks, how-to install updates and patches, database setup, licensing, user management, conduct basic troubleshooting, basic repository management and basic metamodel management.

    Course Content:

    • QualiWare Enterprise Framework Administration
      • Modules
      • Data sources
      • Access Log transaction codes
      • Active Directory Synchronization
      • Users and groups
      • Sessions
      • Licenses
      • Logging
      • Mail setup
    • Repository Administrator
      • Access
      • Create a new repository
      • General setup
      • Configurations
      • Roles
      • Permissions
      • Links
      • QCL Engine Manager
      • Addons
      • Service operations
      • Object reservations


    Participants receive a hard copy of the complete course manual and exercises including suggested solutions and a certificate for successful completion.


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