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    Coaching Packages

    Ask the QualiWare Coach.

    Can't remember how to open the full text editor?  Need help building a GTI import?  Can't remember how to align objects on your diagram or link diagrams together?  Have a best practices question?

    QualiWare coaches are available to help you get started with QualiWare, to assist with using basic and more advanced tool features, as well as to provide best practices information and more. Topics to be covered in a coaching session can be ad-hoc or specified in advance.  

    Coaching sessions are 30 minutes in length. Scheduling can be on-request/ad-hoc subject to coach availability or pre-scheduled (i.e. twice a week at a specified time and day).


    Terms and Conditions.

    • Coaching sessions must be used within 6 months from date of purchase.
    • Coaching sessions are not intended to replace a professional services engagement or regular QualiWare training available from CloseReach. During the coaching session if your question or what you are trying to do is complex, we may ask you to send us additional details and we will follow up later with the answer.
    • CloseReach reserves the right to add coaching questions/topics and responses to the CloseReach Support KnowledgeBase.