QualiWare Version 10.3 is here!

Version 10.3 features many new & updated features. These new features are found under the Risk menu and consist of four major deliverables:

- Business Impact Analysis

- Resilience Plan

- Recovery Plan 

- Contingency Plan 

Plus a series of relevant analysis reports.


What's New

- Desktop & Tiles: New role-based desktops and tiles are provided with QualiWare 10.3.

New QualiWare Version 10.3 Desktop and Tiles example photo of in app on CloseReach blog post


- 3D Visualization: A new 3D visualization feature has been introduced. The feature is available for all objects from the Repository Explorer Context Menu.

QualiWare version 10.3 update 3D visualization image on closereach blog



To learn more visit their website 


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