Practical EA - Introduction to Enterprise Architecture

Learning objective

As Enterprise Architecture continues to gain acceptance and embraced by government and private sector organizations, more EA terminology shows up in strategic documents and dialogues. This course introduces key EA concepts and terminology based on best practices and relates these concepts to the work environment. Course participants will learn the concepts behind common terminology like architecture frameworks (e.g., GC frameworks, TOGAF, DNDAF) architectural descriptions (e.g., business architectures, technology architectures), EA roles (e.g., business architects, solution architects, information architects), modelling notations (e.g., BPMN, ArchiMate) and EA applications (e.g., business-IT alignment, capability-based planning).

At the end of this course, participants will have an essential understanding of EA to participate actively in strategic discussions and planning of EA activities.

Who Should Attend

Business Transformation Architects, Business Planners, Enterprise Architects, Process Modelers, Business Analysts, Data / Application / Infrastructure Modelers, Project Managers, Quality Managers.


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