QualiWare V5.x QLM-QEA (Client-Server)

QualiWare Software V5.x QLM-QEA (Client-Server)

The QualiWare Lifecycle Manager - QualiWare Enterprise Architecture V5.x  modelling client is a complete software solution supporting  Enterprise Architecture, Quality Management, Business Process Management and Optimization initiatives.

  • Deliver real business outcomes through innovative investments, by leveraging Enterprise Architecture initiatives and collaboration.
  • Create strategic and operational views across business, application and information architectures, to build and govern complete, coherent and executable models.
  • Ensure consistent and successful implementation of transformation initiatives through collaboration and by creating consensus among employees.

Out of the box, QualiWare supports a broad array of business/enterprise architecture frameworks, standards and notations including:

  • EA3
  • Zachman
  • OIO EA
  • Archimate
  • BPMN
  • UML
  • ... many more

 QualiWare 5.x (Client-Server) software runs in a client-server configuration requiring a common file share from which to load the client and a SQL Server database.

Technical documentation may be found on the QualiWare Centre of Excellence website.


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