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    What happens when you automate a broken process? What happens when you implement a brand-new system with the same old processes? In a manufacturing environment, the result would be the same defects only faster!! In business it is not much different, except the causes of the defects can be much harder to spot. Improving business processes is necessary whenever implementing any new technology or seeking to optimize and gain efficiency.

    This seminar introduces a simple and systematic approach for analyzing, modeling, and redesigning specific processes. It provides the foundation to a range of practices for moving specific business process performance metrics to an improved target state. It is based on proven formal methods and over twenty years of practical experience gained from hundreds of projects conducted by Process Renewal Group and the sage advice found at the knowledge portal:

    This session provides a solid foundation for those starting out and a great refresher for anyone already experienced with the process. Business managers, analysts, and change practitioners will gain from the included practical hands-on working exercises to learn and apply the techniques covered.



    • Why do Process work?
    • How to scope for change
    • Techniques to model process
    • How to identify process measures
    • Tools to analyse the current state for issues, determine root causes and potential solutions
    • Various methods for coming up with innovative ideas to improve performance
    • Methodology to support implementation and enable ongoing sustainment 


    Course Outline

    Components that influence how the work is done and lead to a particular Business Performance. This 3 day course 

    What is business process? Overview of Process Architecture

      • Describe the principles of business architecture and process management
      • Demonstrate an understanding of an end-to-end stakeholder view of a business
      • Process-centric performance measures
      • Understand the use of strategic criteria to evaluate the importance of candidates for change
      • Evaluate and rank performance gaps

    Improvement project approach

      • Synthesise project objective, approach, team
      • Understand the difference between Process and Project

    Processes scoping

      • Determine process stakeholders
      • Determine what is in and out of the project scope
      • Build scoping model
      • Identify process measures

    Process modeling

      • Understand the premise of modeling
      • Understand process modeling principles
        • Concept model
        • Data Flow model
        • BPMN model
        • Customer Journey map
      • Recognise 'good' from 'bad' model
      • Complete process supporting documentation

    Process analysis

      • Analyze existing process by applying various techniques
      • Develop Quick Win Description

    Process re-design

      • identify potential solutions to a problem
      • develop Quick Win description
      • understand methods for coming up with innovative ideas
    • Process improvement implementation and roll-out
    • Understand goals of the implementation
    • Learn components of the Business Case
    • Understand types of implementation initiatives
    • Understand goals of the roll-out
    • Understand roll-out activities
    • Understand the importance of human change management


    Who Should Attend   

    This session is designed primarily for practitioners who are starting their journey in process improvement, or those who are looking for a refresher and some new ideas. Including

    • Process Analysts and Designer
    • Business Analysts
    • Business Leaders
    • Change Managers

    Speaker Biography

    Sasha Aganova, MBA
    Managing Partner at Process Renewal Group, Lecturer at University of Toronto

    Sasha has successfully implemented and executed Process Programs for organizations in multiple industries, countries, and cultures. Both as an operational process manager in successful corporations and as a consulting practice leader, she has exhibited a strong ability to get teams to collaborate and deliver effective programs of business process and cultural transformation. Sasha is a frequent conference speaker where she shares her experience and passion for combining a business process orientation with a cultural lens to assure that complex business change will stick and remain sustainable.

    Industry Endorsements

    The BPTA Business Architecture, and the other training classes in the BPM Curriculum, are recognized by the following well-known and respected organizations in the Business Change community;

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