BPAC Awareness

A half-day virtual workshop to explore Business Process Analysis & Costing (BPAC) for improved operational management and costing

About this event

In partnership with CloseReach and CBP Software and delivered by Landmark Decisions, this ½-day online workshop covers the basics of Business Process Analysis & Costing (BPAC) and how it can be used to enhance resource deployment, cost management, and operational planning. Through use of a case study, participants will learn how to apply BPAC principles to gain better insights into resource consumption and utilization. Operational models created using BPAC concepts show how resource costs can be traced through business processes to develop detailed service delivery information for the determination of true product costs, service fees and budgets. These models can also be used for “what-if” analysis to better forecast the cost and impact of changes in business processes or client demands.

The workshop pre-work will employ a short case study to help with understanding of the concepts. It will also demonstrate the value of employing BPAC technology using Collaborative Business Planning (CBP), a BPAC-specific solution which provides users across the organization with a highly-visual and interactive business models to develop and understand the operational and cost flows of any business process. CBP provides a shared environment for operational, financial and strategic managers and planners to develop a common understanding of the key factors influencing costs and operational budgets.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand operational models to help manage budgets, develop realistic product costs and service fees, and implement meaningful cost recovery strategies
  • Recognize the impact of resource constraints on product or service delivery costs and budgets
  • Appreciate the value of collaborative scenario-playing to evaluate efficiency improvements that align with LEAN or other business process improvement initiatives

Who Should Attend and Why?

This workshop provides foundational training on developing high quality business process/cost management content. It also demonstrates how leading-edge BPAC software like CBP can be used to help organizations better collaborate to improve organizational performance. It will benefit:

  • Financial and resource management professionals responsible for program/service costing or budgeting
  • Operational managers, planners and analysts challenged with optimizing business processes impacting service delivery
  • Strategic managers, planners and analysts responsible for charting future organizational direction and performance

Course Outline

Fundamentals of Business Process Analysis & Costing (BPAC)

  • The evolution of cost management methodologies
  • BPAC methodology concepts
  • Key benefits of an BPAC approach to better costing and budgeting

Key Techniques for Implementing BPAC

  • The use and value of a structured 8 Step implementation methodology
  • The importance of aligning BPAC projects with other organizational initiatives
  • Tip for initiating and sustaining BPAC projects

The Role and Value of BPAC Technology

  • How technology enhances organizational engagement for BPAC
  • The value proposition for implementing BPAC technology
  • An introduction to the Collaborative Business Planning (CBP) toolset

Workshop pre-work

A short case study will be provided to participants for review in advance of the workshop

Workshop Date/Time:

Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021 - Noon-3:30pm Eastern


Mike Haley, M.Sc., is President of Landmark Decisions Inc., a Canadian niche consulting firm providing worldwide “performance alignment” facilitation, training, and implementation services. Mike has over 25 years’ experience in developing and delivering professional training on strategic and operational planning and cost modeling techniques which help both private and public-sector organizations improve their business decision-making capacity. Public sector clients have included Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian Coast Guard, Health Canada, Nova Scotia Crown Lending Agency, Transport Canada, Treasury Board Secretariat, Veterans Affairs, US Navy, and various departments in the New Zealand government. Mike has also worked with private-sector clients such as Air Canada, Bell Aliant, Kroger Foods, Maersk-Sealand, Pfizer, and Telekom Malaysia.