Flex Training

Can't decide which course to take? Scheduling training for others? Need flexibility to re-schedule quickly? 

No problem! Flex Training bundles offer flexible scheduling and volume discounting all in one package. Use Flex Training days for any mix of courses and participants. Achieve maximum flexibility when booking courses for yourself or others as you need them.

10-Day Flex Training examples:

  • 6 days: QualiWare Basic (2-day) course for 3 students.  4 days remaining for other courses/students.
  • 10 days: 2 students for QualiWare Basic (2-day) + 1 student for QualiWare Advanced (2-day) + 1 student for QCL Basic (3-day) + 1 student for QualiWare Systems Administration (1-day)
  • 10 days: 5 students for QualiWare Basic (2-day)

Re-schedule or cancel up to 24 days prior to the start of a course. Substitute or add additional participants up to 12 hours prior to the start of a course (subject to class size limits). Can be used for all CloseReach QualiWare courses. Other conditions apply. 

 10-Day Flex Training Bundle


     25-Day Flex Training Bundle


       50-Day Flex Training Bundle


        100-Day Flex Training Bundle 

        For more information, call CloseReach Learning Services at 613-505-0262, ext. 225 or contact us by email at training@closereach.ca.