Collaborative Business Planning

Insight drives action

Effective strategies for building future organizations 




Oil & Gas

CBP Model; strategic insights, operational insights, financial insights


Service Management

Call Centres

Long-Term Care

The CBP methodology combines different organizational data to produce meaningful and practical outcomes. CBP generates management reports and dashboards that support both process improvement and costing/profitability analysis by providing an integrated view of strategic, operational, human resources, and financial data.

operations management

Operations Management

Resource Planning
Capacity Analysis
Process Improvements

financial management

Financial Management

Costing, Planning & Budgeting
Transfer Pricing  
Profitability Analysis 

customer management

Customer Management 

Service Fees & Pricing  
Service Level Agreements 

strategic management

Strategic Management

Capital Investment
Performance Metrics 
Business Direction 

CBP & Digital Twins

A DTO created with CBP provides all business managers with the ability to better understand and flex their operations. CBP models can also be used collaboratively to design and validate “what-if” scenarios that can predict the outcome of macro or micro changes to business strategy.

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CBP & digital twins
Business Process Management

Business Process Management

CloseReach and QualiWare can help you analyse and improve your business processes. Create an information and process management system for your company with QualiWare and streamline and align business workflows and processes.

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CBP Training

CBP Cloud

The CBP Cloud supports a collaborative environment for organizational roles such as: 

  • Business Process Owners – responsible for the delivery of services and products 
  • CBP Modelers – responsible for creating and maintaining CBP business models
  • Data Suppliers – responsible for providing operational and financial data requirements
  • Analysts – responsible to analyzing CBP results and supplying management information which supports resource planning, process optimization and/or costing and profitability analysis
  • Managers – responsible for decision-making using new insights derived from CBP

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