Application Portfolio Management

APM is a management framework for business and technology decision-makers balancing what was built for yesterday’s business needs against today’s evolving business demands. Business and financial leaders need a clear picture of the relationships between business strategies, capabilities and processes and the underlying enabling technologies. ICT leaders need to understand, plan and manage the application and technology lifecycles to support business growth and change. 

QualiWare provides a holistic view of the enterprise linking business and technology strategies and lifecycles through a powerful set of inter-related models and pre-built out-of-of-the box functions enabling both sides to visualize and analyze the links between strategic business objectives and ICT. QualiWare’s architectural approach to APM improves process management, identifies application redundancy, provides a better context for decision making, supports road mapping and improves visibility into the asset base.

APM provides vital information about the enterprise for strategic planning, governance as well as transformation and risk management. Estimate Total Cost of Ownership, Return on Investment, and Business Value of IT. Identify redundant IT and make well informed strategic decisions regarding technology investments.

Download PDF - APM in QualiWare