Business Process Management

Business Process Management

CloseReach Ltd. Is pleased to announce BPM training, delivered by Process Renewal Group in partnership with BPTrends Associates.


Complete 40 hours of coursework (2 courses, 5 days) to acquire the practical tools and background required to work on a team of BPM Process professionals.

Principles of Business Process Management (1 day)
Note: This course is a prerequisite for all courses in the BPM Curriculum

Introduction to Business Process Modeling, Analysis and Design (4 day)



Principles of Business Process Management (1 day)

Course description

This course is the foundation for all courses in the Business Process Management Curriculum and is required for BPM certification. It provides an overview and discussion of the principles, concepts and techniques required to transform your business from a traditional, functional organization to a process-centric organization. The course introduces a systematic approach and comprehensive methodology for planning, monitoring, measuring and managing your company’s business process performance and for redesigning and improving specific processes.

Who should attend

This introduction to BPM is a must for everyone interested in business process improvement. It’s designed for business managers, business analysts, and practitioners involved in process-based change and the human and automation implementation of process solutions. This course is the foundation for all other courses in the BPM curriculum. It establishes a methodology, a common language, and a baseline for all other courses in the curriculum.


What you will achieve

  • Understand the value and benefits of business process management
  • Understand the principles of business process management and how to apply them
  • Understand BPM best practices and methodologies
  • Understand the respective roles of change management, process architecture, process analysis, process redesign, process improvement, process automation, and organization design
  • Understand basic BPM management and measurement techniques


What you will learn

  • The key considerations of a process-based approach to business process change management
  • The strategic, tactical and operational considerations in a comprehensive BPM framework
  • The role of business processes in an organization
  • The basic concepts, principles and techniques of BPM
  • How to plan for cross-organization acceptance and implementation


Course Outline

  • What is a Business Process?
  • What is an Organization’s Process Maturity Level?
  • What are the Benefits of BPM?
  • The Enterprise Level
    • The Enterprise Business Context
    • Enterprise Process Models
    • Performance Measurements
    • Process Governance
    • Architecture Alignment
    • BPM Group Establishment
  • The Process Level
    • Process Level Methodology
    • Understand Phase
    • Analyze Phase
    • Redesign Phase
    • Implement and Roll-Out Phases
    • Ongoing Process Execution
  • The Implementation Level
    • IT Implementation
    • HR Implementation
  • Other Types of Implementation



Introduction to Business Process Modeling, Analysis & Design (4 days)

Course description

This course provides an introduction to the skills and techniques required to analyze and design new processes or to redesign and improve existing processes. This course focuses on identifying opportunities for process change and presents the process analysis, modeling and design techniques and tools required to improve performance. Participants will learn to apply the techniques and practices to gather and structure the necessary information for a redesign project, scope specific processes using graphical models and define measurement techniques for evaluating outcomes. They will also learn how to model As-Is and To-Be process workflows using BPMN notation. The course is organized around a universally applicable case study that will be developed by attendees working in teams. The approach is hands-on and business oriented and attendees will be able to immediately apply what they learn within their own organization.

Who should attend

This course is designed for business analysts and manager/practitioners responsible for the design and redesign of business processes and provides a comprehensive introduction to the skills and techniques used in analyzing business processes and redesigning or improving processes. This Analysis and Design course is a must for analysts and designers involved in process-based change. TQM, Lean and Six Sigma team members, requirements specialists, project managers, HR competency professionals and change agents will all benefit from the knowledge and skill acquired in this course.


What you will achieve

  • Understand the principles and benefits of proven analysis and design techniques
  • Understand how to identify opportunities for improving business process performance
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the people in the process
  • Understand how to use best practice techniques and tools to model, measure, analyze and redesign business processes


What you will learn

  • How to appropriately analyze and scope a business process problem
  • How to create BPMN process flow diagrams
  • How to select and apply the proper tools and techniques to model, analyze, manage, measure and improve processes
  • How to apply creative thinking approaches and design techniques to process improvement
  • How to develop critical measures for evaluating business process performance
  • How to develop and apply testing, and validating methods to new process designs


Course Outline

  • Basic Concepts
    • Redesign Methodology
    • Business Process Projects
    • Business Processes
  • Redesign Methodology Phase 1: Understand Project
    • Stakeholders, Interactions and Measures
    • Process Vision Statement
    • Process Scope
    • Gap Model
    • Redesign Evaluation Criteria
    • Process Decomposition
  • Redesign Methodology Phase 2: Analyze Process
    • As-Is Process Modeling
    • Process Flow Notation and Diagrams
    • Process Flow Swimlane Diagrams
    • As-Is Process Analysis
    • Measurements
    • AnalyticTools and Techniques
    • Quick Wins
  • Redesign Methodology Phase 3: Redesign Process
    • From As-Is to To-Be
    • Innovation
    • Trends
    • Best Practices
    • Benchmarking
    • Frameworks
    • Modeling Redesign Patterns
    • Common Approaches
    • Lean
    • Process Capability Redesign
    • Creative Thinking Tools
    • To Be Process Model Creation
    • Feasibility of Design
  • Implementation and Roll-Out Phases Overview
    • Implementation Projects
    • Roll-Out Requirements
  • Information Gathering by Phase
  • Change Management


The BPTA Professional Certificate Program is aligned with the International Association of Business Analysis (IIBA®) Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® V2.0) and is endorsed by the IIBA. Attendees will earn PDs (Professional Development) hours or CDUs (Continuing Development Units) for attending courses in this certificate program.


Business Process Management Certification

The BPTrends Certification Exam for the five-day Business Process Management training class, is easily accessible and delivered online. A participant will receive exam results immediately upon completion of the exam and, when the participant passes the exam, he/she will receive a downloadable, personalized BPT Certificate documenting that the participant has earned the certification; “Business Process Management Professional Certificate”. Participants may use the BPT Certificate designation on business cards and résumés to demonstrate their Business Architecture knowledge and expertise to; colleagues, managers, and potential employers. For more complete information on the classes in the BPTA Curriculum and the full BPT Certification Program, please visit;

The certification link will be provided by the instructor, following completion of the training session.


  •  15% discount for 3 or more participants from the same organization (i.e. organizational business unit / group or line of business).

Participants receive a hard copy of the complete course manual and exercises including suggested solutions.



  • Cancellation of course registration is available up to 14 calendar days prior to course start date. In-house course customization fees (if any) are non-refundable.
  • Rescheduling of course attendance may be permitted prior to course start date at the discretion of CloseReach subject to a $150.00+HST rescheduling fee.
  • Substitution of participants may occur at any time prior to course start date.
  • CloseReach reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses at any time without penalty.
  • Full terms and conditions are available upon request

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