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    QualiWare Collaboration PLUS

    Take collaboration to new heights with the Collaboration Plus License. Empower web users to seamlessly interact with QualiWare repository content through web-forms or web-services, enabling effortless contribution of specialized knowledge to EA content creation, editing, and governance.

    Key Features:

    • Web Interaction: Enjoy the freedom to create, read, update, and delete QualiWare repository content directly from web-forms or via web-services. This streamlines content management, allowing domain experts to actively participate in enhancing your enterprise architecture.

    • Web-Based Process & Workflow Diagrams: Leverage the web-based client to construct process and workflow diagrams with ease. Utilize BusinessProcessDiagram, BusinessProcessNetwork, WorkFlowDiagram, and BusinessProcessNetwork: Archimate options for clear and comprehensive visualizations.

    Please note that the Collaboration Plus License requires an underlying Collaboration license for each Plus user. Ensure smooth collaboration among team members, domain experts, and stakeholders, all contributing to a unified and efficient enterprise architecture.