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  • Flex 100 - QualiWare/Architecture Training

    Can't decide which course to take? Need flexibility to schedule training to fit your schedule? Scheduling training for others and as their schedules change need to re-schedule or substitute different participants?

    No problem! For maximum flexibility purchase a 100-day flex training bundle. Use your 100 training days for any mix of courses and participants. Achieve maximum flexibility booking courses for yourself or others as you need them.

    Re-schedule or cancel up to 3 days prior to the start of a course. Substitute and/or add alternate participants at any time (subject to class size limits). Can be used for all CloseReach, Landmark Decisions and CBP courses. Can also be used for one-on-one coaching. Other conditions apply.


    • 6 days: QualiWare Basic (2-day) course for 3 students.                                                  4 days remaining for other courses/students
    • 10 days: 2 students for QualiWare Basic (2-day) + 1 student QualiWare Advanced (2-day) + 1 student for QCL (3-day) Basic + System Administrator (1-day)
    • 10 days: 5 students for QualiWare Basic (2-day)