QualiWare EXTEND

CloseReach’s QualiWare Managed Service is an outcome driven solution maximizing the value of your software investment helping you achieve desired business outcomes, not just technical requirements.

Software should continually improve and evolve to meet changing business needs and growing demand. With QualiWare EXTEND, your software becomes a living piece of your business, with new features, improvements, and capabilities to meet changing business needs. QualiWare Extend includes:

  • An annual rollout and enhancement plan so you know and can anticipate the next steps
  • Continual user adoption and enablement, so you grow your user base
  • Unlimited support for end users, putting an end to user frustration when they can’t figure out a process or confront a broken tool
  • On-demand access to QualiWare extensions and configurations designed, built, and tested by CloseReach so they are mission-ready