CloseReach’s QualiWare Managed Services (QMS) suite is a post implementation, outcome driven solution maximizing the value of your software investment helping you achieve desired business outcomes, not just technical requirements.

QualiWare SUSTAIN is the first of three QMS tiers ensuring your QualiWare implementation is operational and running with consistent availability whether you are on the cloud or on-premise. QualiWare SUSTAIN includes daily, weekly and monthly operational activities and unlimited, requestable administration activities.

SUSTAIN on request administration tasks include:

  •        Create, remove, and modify users

  •       Create, remove, and modify roles

  •       Password resets

  •        Repository analysis and management

  •       Private workspace management

SUSTAIN operational tasks include:

  • Daily software maintenance, including daily integration and log checks, and issue remediation

  • License management

  • Support for your disaster recovery plan

  • Patch analysis and software updates

  • Participation in project planning and status meetings

  • Maintenance of configuration documentation

  • Privileged-access and user-entitlement reviews

  • Incident and problem management to resolve issues as they arise

  • Code migration during software updates and upgrades, with end-to-end support from development to production