February 01, 2021

Create a Digital Twin of your Business - Virtual Training 

We are pleased to offer the following series of instructor-led online courses this winter and spring that are focused on tips and techniques to better understand and improve business operations. The concepts of Activity-Based Planning (ABP) offer an excellent way to help organizations create a "Digital Twin" of their business. A Digital Twin is one of the most useful, insightful tools used in improving the resiliency of an organization. 

Early bird pricing now available.




Feb 16, 2021 - ABP Awareness

This half day workshop covers the fundamentals of ABP. Using a case study, participants will learn how ABP principles, including "what-if analysis, provide better insights into resource deployment, costing & profitability, and operational planning. 




Feb 23-26, 2021 - Implementing ABP/CBP

This workshop, delivered in 4 consecutive half day sessions, presents "ready to apply" tips, techniques and templates for implementing Activity-Based Planning (ABP) in any organization. Using an interactive case study, this workshop also provides registrants with "hands-on" experience in the use of a representative ABP software, Collaborative Business Planning (CBP).




April 20-22, 2021 - ABP for Enhancing Lean 

This workshop, co-hosted with BarringtonOPS and delivered in 3 consecutive half-day sessions, demonstrates how ABP and Lean can be merged into a comprehensive approach for resource planning and costing of Lean process improvement initiatives. Through case study work, participants will learn key concepts and tools of the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach. Participants also earn a White Belt certification in Lean. 




CBP Modeler - March 26-26, 2021

This workshop, delivered over 4 consecutive half-day sessions, is offered to new users of Collaborative Business Planning (CBP) assigned with the responsibility of building, validating, and generating results from CBP models. A step-by-step "hands-on" learning approach is used so that participants can follow along with the instructor. 


These workshops can be taken individually or combined to provide an in-depth perspective on how ABP and/or Lean can support a wide variety of operational and financial analysis and business improvement strategies. We offer discounts for both early bird and group registrations (2 or more from one organization). 


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