March 08, 2021

 Join us for our upcoming QualiWare User Group Meeting [Monday 19 March from 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST]. We are very excited to announce that Louise Harris will be our featured speaker, presenting the topic: How to Design Useful Diagrams Executives Will Love.

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Featured Speaker: Louise A Harris, PhD CMC CCMP, Founder ChangeDesign.Insitute

Topic: How to Design Useful Diagrams Executives Will Love

Course Description: Do you find it difficult to get enough time and attention from executive and management to review and provide critical input to business or enterprise architecture design?

Using enterprise architecture diagrams as a tool design strategic transformation is critical to minimize gaps and reduce risk. But architecture diagrams can also be confusing to management. Especially complex diagrams that seek to depict the scope and impact of enterprise or service transformation.

This presentation will introduce you to scientifically researched principles of neurocognition and strategic change design that can transform your diagrams into intuitive visual strategic planning tools that executives love.

You will learn

  • What makes a diagram difficult to understand
  • Neuro-principles for effective and intuitive diagrams
  • When and how to apply these principles 


About Louise Harris

Louise is an accomplished speaker, educator, coach and consultant. She is a lecturer at Memorial University in Canada and founder of the Change Design Institute. She has pioneered the unique "in-situ" education/consulting approach that provides theory, tools, practise, feedback and advice in the context of ongoing digital transformation and organizational change. This approach upskills executive, management, architects, designers and operations staff to lead and execute change with more success, less effort and less stress. Louise has a BSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Organizational Change Design. For over 25 years she has led and advised the development and implementation of innovative technological, process, and cultural change initiatives in the public and private sectors.  She worked as a systems integration architect for IBM and led the provincial enterprise architecture team for eHealth and then the health, social and justice sector in British Columbia. Louise lives in Newfoundland, where she enjoys the rugged coastline and wild weather. A favourite past-time is performing ecological maintenance on the East Coast Trail with her two goats.

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