June 03, 2020

The social distancing situation is changing in Ottawa as are potential departmental reopening requirements.  Feel free to share any information you have, and we can post it on our blog on our website.  We know that DND has specified onsite mask rules and has been building out a plan for bringing various groups back onsite.  We know that every department has been busy implementing additional VPN connections to improve employee access to networks.  COVID-19 is changing people’s approach to using the cloud and CloseReach has been asked several times for QualiWare-Cloud deployment options and costs. 


QualiWare Update 

We are expecting the release of QualiWare 10.3 in early June and will share release notes as soon as they are available. 


Spring Training Sale 

We are currently offering a 25% discount on the purchase of 2 or more QualiWare courses.  If you would like to learn more, and to view our new interactive training calendar, visit our website https://closereach.ca/pages/2020-training-calendar  


The CloseReach YouTube Channel is Up and Running! 

So far, we have 3 videos loaded with more to come: 

  • QualiWare Users Group January 2020: Collaborative Business Planning 
  • QualiWare Users Group March 2020: QualiWare and Cybersecurity 
  • QualiWare Users Group April 2020: Generic Queries, QWI updates and more 


The entire April meeting is available, and we are also editing and segmenting it into the following topics for easier consumption: 

  • QualiWare X 10.3 Data Modeling – Model and move between conceptual, logical and physical abstraction layers using Subject Areas and the new DataModelingStructure template 
  • QualiWare X Information/Data visualization 
  • QualiWare X 10.3 in Azure – modeling in a browser 
  • QualiWare and workflow automation/analytics 


You can subscribe or add the CloseReach channel to your favourites at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-opVTedI9TX1V6lpUMDxTA 


New File Sharing Platform 

We have introduced a new platform to share files with our clients. The new file share allows one credential to access QualiWare download files and previous QUG presentations, as well as the ability to upload your data for troubleshooting if required.  Contact CloseReach support for more information. 


Changes to Generic Queries in 10.x 

The GenericQuery object in Qualiware is used to provide data sets that can be used by other templates in Qualiware such as the BusinessChart, Performance Indicator and Spreadsheet.  In last month’s QUG we looked at some of the differences in the object editor for the GenericQuery between version 6 and 10, such as the Build option being replaced with the Preview option and other dialogue changes. Users also shared their experiences using GenericQuery in QLMX with the community. 



Our CloseReach support team provided an update on the open QualiWare incidents with their current status during our last QUG meeting.  We will provide updates at each QUG meeting going forward and plan to keep an updated listing on our support portal. 


QualiWare Users Group Meetings Continue Virtually 

Our next meeting will be held on May 25th and will feature a talk with Jacob Lund about business continuity.  We hope you can join us! 


How to contact CloseReach 

  • Support issues should be directed to support@closereach.ca or use the support portal on the CloseReach website to report an issue or place a service request 
  • For any other inquiries, please contact Kevin or Cecile 



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