The CloseReach team hopes you, your family, and friends are doing well and have been enjoying our great summer weather so far. Hard to believe it’s been more than 5 months since we started into our new normal.  If you have something you would like to share about how you, or your team, have adapted, feel free to let us know for a future newsletter! 


QualiWare update 

QualiWare 10.3 was released in July and was featured in our July QualiWare Users Group (QUG) meeting.  More information on the release can be found here: 


QUG Meetings continue virtually 

We continue to hold our QUG meetings virtually on the last Monday of each month and attendance has been great.   

In June, Kevin O’Rourke presented project management in QualiWare. In July,  Jacob Lund from QualiWare presented the 10.3 release, ESDC demonstrated their setup of QEP, and Gail Petersen showcased the FORTIG asset management accelerator.   

The agenda for August’s meeting is currently being finalized. If you haven’t joined us previously, we would love to see you! 

All QUG meetings are recorded and posted on our CloseReach YouTube channel at: 



Government of Canada (GC) EA Solution Contract - 10 months and counting!   

We are in the final option year of the CloseReach GC supply contract for QualiWare software, training and professional services. There is less than 10 months remaining on the GC EA Solution contract!  

If you are looking to increase your organization’s license count, now is the time to do it. Special per diem training rates under this contract, and simplified professional services procurement (no RFP/competition required), will be ending May 2021 as well.  Contact Kevin to discuss your options.    


Supporting GC work from home initiatives with special QualiWare Volume Pricing 

QualiWare’s Architect, Plus and Collaboration licenses enable organizations to engage with remote workers, share new policies, processes and procedures, track issues, and gather employee feedback. The GC-100, GC-200 and GC-400 QualiWare software bundles are still available via the CloseReach (QualiWare) software licensing supply arrangement (SLSA) # EN578-100808-206. Pricing for these bundles represent a 7.5-11.75% discount off GC EA Solution contract pricing and 44-50% discount off standard SLSA pricing. 

QualiWare has also re-opened the special enterprise discount for Collaboration (Web) licenses. Buy a Collaboration license for everyone in your organization and receive the standard volume discount plus an additional 50% enterprise discount. CBSA recently took advantage of this to acquire Collaboration licenses for everyone in the organization. 


CloseReach Azure Cloud 

CloseReach now has an Azure-based shared tenant up and running! If you are looking for a quick way to evaluate QualiWare and/or the cloud without getting sidelined by COVID-19 this is the way to do it. We manage the Azure instance and administer your repositories, licenses/users and back-ups.  

For Departments, Agencies and Crown Corporations new to QualiWare this is a quick way to get a Pathfinder (pilot) project up and running with minimal delay. Contact Cecile for more details. 


Provide input into QualiWare’s roadmap 

Starting in September (and then in January and June) we plan to hold meetings with each of our QualiWare clients (primary, secondary and technical contacts) to collect feedback and requirements for QualiWare on the product. This input will then be categorized and ranked in order of importance and provided to QualiWare for their consideration.   


Training update 

We are still training!  We have courses running virtually every month so don’t let your skills get stale!  Some clients have also taken this COVID break to have CloseReach help them update their in-house training materials, user guides and support materials. 

Check out our late summer and fall training schedule on-line at: 


Support update 

We have implemented a new QualiWare license service request form on the CloseReach support portal. This will simplify and speed up our ability to provide customers with new or updated QualiWare licenses. You will also have a record of all license requests submitted via the portal. 

CloseReach is hiring! 

Do you know anyone looking for a new challenge?  CloseReach is recruiting for an experienced Senior Architect. This is a full time/employee-based role and is open to candidates who reside outside of the Ottawa region but within Canada. For more details, contact Yvonne at 


CloseReach turning Sweet 16! 

We are planning something to celebrate our 16th birthday in September!  Stay tuned for more information!  



How to contact CloseReach 

Support issues should be directed to or use the support portal on the CloseReach website to report an issue or place a service request 


For any other inquiries, please contact Kevin or Cecile 


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